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Cigar Review Gurkha Ghost

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Cigar Review Gurkha Ghost

I recently smoked a Gurkha Ghost cigar. First of this is a great cigar. However, it is very strong. Uniquely it never got stronger or weaker through out the smoke. Additionally this was one of the strongest cigars that I have ever smoked.

Of course I drank my typical coffee with the cigar. Furthermore this is a cigar that I would recommend to anyone who likes a strong maduro. The cigar has a lower rating than it deserves, with that said it is not for the light cigar smokers or beginners.


Details of the Smoke

The cigar was smoke with friends. As matter of fact it took me 2 hours to smoke the cigar. In light of talking to others around (I think). Equally important the cigar was lit with a butane lighter. Also it was cut with guillotine cutter. Equally important the cigar was well keep in a humidor at 70%.

Details of the Cigar


  • Color: Natural
  • Length: 6
  • Ring size: 52


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