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Cigar Review Camacho corojo toro

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Cigar Review Camacho Corojo Toro

I smoked this Camacho Corojo Toro on 5-26-17. This was a very good smoke. It started off with a bit of a bite. It got better as the cigar was smoked. The cigar had some very rich flavors to it. I would recommend the cigar, although it is not one of my favorites. Likewise, it’s a good quality cigar that was a very good smoke.

Cigar Specs

Size:6 x 50
Wrapper Origin:Honduran
Wrapper Leaf:Corojo

Details of the Smoke

Of course coffee was drank with the cigar. I did not eat a meal any time close to the smoke. Also, when I smoked the cigar I was by myself. The smoke lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

 Importantly, the cigar was well keep at 70 % humidity in a humidor. The cigar was cut with a guillotine cutter. Additionally, it was lit by a butane light. By the same token the cigar gave a nice aroma and was smoked outside on a porch.

Equally important, is the cigar had a great look and feel to it. In addition the cigar burned evenly, however, it did have to be re lit a few times.

Cigar Accolades

First, Famous Smoke rated it a 89.

Then, Cigar Aficionado rate it a 90.