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Cigar Review– Perla Del Mar L Maduro

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Cigar Review– Perla Del Mar L Maduro

This cigar is the first one that I have smoked since doing the blog that I don’t recommend. The cap of the cigar was loose and the cut was hard to get clean.

The cigar was average at best, It did not burn evenly and it had to be re lit several times. My preference for cigars are maduro’s ( like this one), however, I didn’t like this one.


Details of the Smoke

I smoked the cigar with friends. I had coffee with the cigar. Coffee is my favorite drink to complement a cigar. The smoke took about a 1 and half hours. The aroma of the smoke was OK. A guillotine cutter was used. To lit the cigar a butane lighter was used. It was well keep at 70% humidity.

Full Specifications

Size:5 1/2 x 46
Wrapper Origin:Connecticut
Wrapper Leaf:Broadleaf




Cigar Review –Arturo Fuente Hemingway

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Arturo Fuente Hemingway

I recently smoked a Arturo Fuente Hemingway classic cigar. The smoke was great. I have to let it be known, that this has always been one of my favorite cigars.

It has bit of a sweet taste on the wrapper. When smoked the sweetness is very faint. The cigar had a great taste, as well as a pleasant aroma. Equally important, this was a tasteful cigar without being over bearing. Furthermore, this is a great looking cigar.

Uniquely I believe this cigar is better than the reviews by others (comparatively they can be seen at the bottom of the post). I would defiantly recommend this cigar to anyone interested in a great cigar.

Details of the Cigar

The Fuente Hemingway Classic premium cigars are handcrafted in the old Cuban tradition. Using the original Fuente perfecto molds from the 1920s, the cigars are blended with vintage Dominican filler and binder encased in Cameroon wrappers for a mellow smoke with delicate notes of cedar and spice.

Size:7 x 48
Country:Dominican Republic
Wrapper Origin:African
Wrapper Leaf:Cameroon

Details of the Smoke

The cigar was smoke in a well vented area. Additionally the cigar was smoked with my father. The smoke lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was keep in a local cigar shop. Also, a guillotine cutter was used and the cigar was lit with a butane lighter. Additionally I drank ice water with the cigar. The cigar was lit was and I never had to lit it again. It burned evenly.

Cigar Accolades

Famous Smoke rated the cigar at 90


Cigar aficionado rate it a 93


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