Cigar Review Sons of Anarchy (black crown)

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Cigar Review Sons of Anarchy

On 6-24-17 I smoked the Sons of Anarchy cigar. Uniquely the cigar was made by black crown. First of all the cigar started  off strong with a nice spice. It remained constant through out the smoke. I would recommend this cigar, however, it’s a little strong for a first time cigar smoker. Although, the cigar is rare and difficult to find at most locations. Furthermore, the cigar can be purchased cigars international which at the time I have no affiliation with.

Details of the smoke

I smoked the cigar with company. Of course the cigar was well kept at 70% humidity. Additionally the cigar cut with scissors.  Second, it was lit with a butane lighter. Not to mention I drank coffee with the smoke. In addition the smoke lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Details of the Cigar


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I would rate the cigar a 92.