Cigar Review Alec Bradley Post Embargo

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Cigar Review Alec Bradley Post Embargo

The Alec Bradley Post Embargo cigar was a very nice smoke. I smoked it on 5-29-17. The smoke started out with a bit of spice. Next, the smoke mellowed out as it continued.

The aroma of the smoke was very nice. Additionally, I enjoyed the cigar and would recommend it.  However, the cigar did have to be re lit once. By the same token this is a very good cigar but not great. I would rate it a B.

Details of the Smoke

As a matter of fact, the cigar was smoked with family over the memorial day weekend. I had nothing to drink with the cigar. Furthermore the cigar took 1 hour and a half to smoke.

Details of the Cigar

Size:5 x 52
Wrapper Origin:Honduran
Wrapper Leaf:Corojo


Sorry for the bad pictures the lighting was bad.

Accolades of the Cigar

Cigar aficionado rated it a 91.