Kristoff Ligero Maduro Matador

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Kristoff Ligero Maduro Matador

This Kristoff cigar was a great smoke. You better like maduro’s because this is a strong cigar. Of course it’s one my favorite cigars too. I would highly recommend this to everyone, with the exception of maybe a novice smoker. The cigar has a very nice look to it. Likewise the cigar burned evenly. In addition to being a great smoke it has a very unique look to it, with a pigtail head.

Details of the Smoke

I smoked the cigar with two other people. The smoke took approximately 2 hours. It was well kept in a humidor at 70% humidity. The cigar was cut by a guillotine cutter. It was lit by a butane lighter. I drank a unsweetened tea with it. Being a maduro I would recommend coffee to be couple with the cigar and not tea. Additionally it was smoked in a well vented area. Equally important to the great taste, the aroma of the cigar was fantastic.

Details of the cigar

Size:6 1/2 x 56
Country:Dominican Republic
Wrapper Origin:Brazilian
Wrapper Leaf:Arapiraca
box of 20 goes for 178.99 at famous smoke
likewise a pack of 5 44.99 at famous smoke
single 9.90 at famous smoke

Accolades of the Cigar

famous smoke rated it a 97
cigar aficionado hasn’t reviewed this cigar yet