Cigar Review Leaf Oscar Corojo

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Cigar Review Leaf by Oscar Corojo

I recently smoked Leaf Corojo cigar. The smoke was overall very good. It was a little on the strong end, but very enjoyable. The cigar itself came wrapped up in a leaf. This cigar was very good tasting, even though it was a little on the strong end, it still was a smooth smoke. The cigar was well made and I would highly recommend it to someone other than a novice cigar smoker to try.


Specs of the Cigar

Size:6 x 50
Wrapper Origin:Ecuadorian
Wrapper Leaf:Corojo
price of a bundle of 20 is 162.99
price of a single is 9.00
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Details of the Smoke

 I smoked the cigar with others around. The smoke took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to smoke. I drank a coca-cola while smoking the cigar. It burned well and keep a good ash to it.The cigar was well keep at 70% humidity. Cut was by a  guillotine cutter and lit by a butane lighter.

Accolades of the cigar

Famous Smoke has only one customer review. Great review but not enough reviews ro advertise in my opinion.

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Has not been reviewed by Cigar Aficionado.


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